21 July 2006

Work in Progress

This is a prototype of my new bunny pattern, the pattern was way too small, so I sewed it leaving the rough edges out. I have refined the pattern, as well as a small ducklet pattern, but who knows when I will actually get to sew them. I am thinking that they will be a fall/winter project. Caden loves his bunny, no matter how wonky the poor bunny looks! I am also working on making some headbands like this:

I am growing out my hair, this should keep my unruly main under control. The pattern was provided by the lovely heather bailey She also has a couple other handy tutorials..

I am working on getting the kiln full of all the new beads and buttons I have been making. I have also slipcast a few pendants, and have quite a few designs in the works. We are having a few technical difficulties, as usual. The printer needs ink...My laptop will never return etc...I work so much faster on the laptop, but I am so thankful for the new set-up Paul provided upstairs on our main television.

I had another set of spinal injections yesterday. The neuro added more meds to try to push them further up the spinal canal. So far so good.

Paul has had a change in his work, as in he as to be in Chicago (120 miles away) for ten work days a month. And to ass to that, we have to provide the housing. I would have truly been much more excited if we were childless and were in a different stage of life, but now, this is a bit worrisome. We are looking at small studios, for him to stay Monday thru Thursday night two weeks a month. In the summer, Caden and I will probably stay one week a month with him. We will probably take the train. In the fall, when school starts, we are thinking that caden and I can go over the weekend in between the two weeks. It is hard to tell,. We just found out about this change yesterday, and who knows, maybe it will change for the better...Or something else will come up, it is such a difficult economy.

I have also bee gardening. This is my first (albeit puny) lavender harvest:

I wanted to make a lavender wreath for the front door, but they crumbled and I didn't have nearly enough, so I will have to do something else with this batch, I think I will be planting a few more also.

and my lovely hydrangea's, which I am trying to dry:

Oh, almost forgot, Caden has graduated to only those blow up arm swimmies while in the pool, he is almost ready to swim on his own! I will try to get some pic's this weekend. Next week is VBS, I am helping out at the craft department, caden gets to be in the kindergarten group! Last year I was a group leader (ugh) and Caden ended up joining my group of first graders. I think he is ready to be on his own this year, actually I was quite surprised last year when he wanted to be in my group, he is usually so independent. Thanks for listening! Talk to you guys soon!

15 July 2006

Hooray, we are back to "normal"

Sorry for the long delay in posting our vacation pictures. I know some of you have been patiently waiting, and waiting, checking back everyday. Thank you for caring so much, it makes us feel loved!

Caden and I left for sunny and very hot northern California June 19th and came back July fifth. It was a long trip. It is nice to have Caden visit his grandpa, they both had fun getting on each other's nerves. But mostly, it was fun. We were able to go to Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a wonderful experience. Caden was amazed and so were we. Sadly, we had to leave Paul at home to work, work, work. After work, he would work on the yard, he created a lovely block retaining wall.

here is our pictorial synopsis....

Caden and Paul at the airport, waiting to leave Chicago airport....

Caden with his trusty "stinkball" (yep, he still has it) as we were taking off for the long trip.

Caden swinging high above Auburn, California, in the same park that Paul asked me to marry him.

more swinging....

now, onto the slide, wondering just how hot it is going to be...Oh just a measly 105!

and down the slide.

onto Monterey....
early in the morning, we went to the beach at low tide, how it conjured up memories of our many trips to the coast and marine biology counseling....

A sea anemone, right on the rocks on lover's beach.


another anemone.

onto the aquarium...

a crab with an anemone, beautiful lighting in the aquarium.


white anemones

sea urchin

Caden trying oh so hard to touch the stingray (they have a large aquarium set up for the purpose) they felt like thick velvet. He got so soaked!

This is a spot where you can actually be under a wave, this was one of Caden's favorite exhibits, he would jump and dance and scream in delight.

Caden looking into one of the displays allowing you to see the ocean through the eyes of a bat ray.

Caden dressed up like a whale.

sea otter hamming it up for the cameras.

more otters.

We also went to Nevada City. There were some wonderful stores with great art, but it was quite expensive. Luckily for me, Auburn had a ceramic supply store, and I was able to pick up some items I needed, and my dad and I were able to make a bead stand for my kiln. I am almost ready for my first fire, I have more than enough beads and all the supplies needed, now to find the time...

I hope this post was worth the wait, hopefully, now that Paul set-up a new super dooper computer to our TV in lieu of my laptop, I can post more often! You can also see more of our pictures at my flickr site .

talk to you soon!

***post edit: this was ready to go two days ago, but we have had lovely internet problems lately...err AT&T...