12 June 2006

Grand Haven Kite Festival

Here are the pictures from the kite festival, that I promised oh so long ago. It was another beautiful day, just like today....

this last picture depicts an upside down dog, teddy bear? something? I didn't like that one much, it gave me the heebie jeebies, kind of like he was floating face down...

This is why we don't get pictures of Caden, he is a grouchy picture taker...errr.

we have to distract him and tickle him...

taken with the video camera, no i am definately not photogenic.

studio time

I was able to squeeze in some studio time this week. I have created a few more hand sculpted ceramic pendants ready for the bisque fire. Here are a few pictures:

the butterfly pendants are about the size of a quarter, they will bisque fire white and then I will glaze them.

they need to dry for a couple of days before I can kiln fire them.

The small pinwheel is my favorite, it is the size of a dime, I think I will make another, larger one, I really liked where this could go, with a little color...

I just wanted to give a shout out to Andi at

Mystic Spiral, who kindly called me and answered all my kiln questions. I have had a kiln for over a year, but have been afraid to use it, silly me! Hopefully, this will get me one step closer to achieving a dream.

One day we want to pick up a Nikon D50 or D70, to take some better pictures, but it won't be anytime soon, unless one drops from heaven......uh didn't think so.

color week: white

Little Birds and Mav re-started a weekly blog color theme. Today is white. I love white, I even like white walls *gasp*. We love to contrast rich earth tones with white linens and curtains in our house. This is my contribution for today:

my white ikea vases, oh how I love thee.

07 June 2006

for the love of ceramics

I discovered this new to me artist at the doctors' office yesterday. She casts porcelain in molds made from tin takeout containers. Such a great idea...beautiful texture! You can visit her site here.

The lovely peices above are by Mia Goransson. She combines the translucency of porcelain and the beauty of nature together beautifully. She makes molds of fresh buds to create the realistic branch effects. I have been admiring her work for a while now.

Well, that's all for today. Have a wonderful day!

06 June 2006

gimping along...

We took our first pier walk of the year on Sunday. It was absolutely beautiful. The only problem is that I twisted my ankle. It didn't hurt right away, but as the day went on, it got so bad I could hardly walk on it. I went to the Doctor today, as it wasn't getting better. It looks like it is only a Grade II sprain and should be better in a week. Good news, but I was thinking it would get better quicker, I don't like limping around, and Caden is too quick for me on a good day!

Paul has been working lots. He is very busy. He will be traveling a lot at the end of this month, when Caden and I are in California.

I still don't have my laptop back. Our "friend" "borrowed" it about 6 weeks ago. He is no longer returning our calls. hmm, we think that our last resort is to report it stolen, because he took it for supposedly a couple of days, now it has been well over one month, and he isn't returning our calls. Can you trust anyone in this world anymore? hmpffff

Another drama over here is that Caden is first on the waiting list for school of choice for Spring Lake school. Apparently, the superintendent of Fruitport schools lived on our street, and somehow was able to skew the school lines to make our little street part of Fruitport schools, since he needed to live in the district. Well, thanks a lot, good for him. It sucks for everyone else in the neighborhood that wants their kids to go to school in the same town as we live in. Every child on our street goes to Spring Lake Schools. This year, they have 90 kids in the district, whereas 60 is the norm, so they shut down school of choice. We are up in the air on where he will be going to school. I did, however, manage to swindle our way into getting him screened in the Spring Lake schools next week to see if he should go in young fives instead. That is one step in the right direction. If they open up school of choice, he will get in. So, we hope that it all works out. No matter what, he is registered for both districts. Fruitport doesn't screen for young fives, it is parental choice. We, quite frankly, just need a little direction in that matter. I just don't know if he is ready or not. Over here, about 85% of the kids go through young fives first. When I was little, I went to young fives too, but I was always one of the oldest in my class because of it. Who knew that this would be such a drama?

Well that is our latest update, hope all is going well out with you all. Have a great day!

02 June 2006

Things Caden says...

Today, as a large semi truck backs down our street to make a delivery...
Me: "I wonder what it is..."
Caden: "Maybe it is a giant ice cream cone!"

To have the imagination like a child, life is full of grand surprises.