28 March 2009

a really cool video...

baa studios...extreme sheep herding
Extreme Sheep Herding on youtube

25 March 2009

I made something...

..well I am in the process of making something. A couple of weeks ago I made plaster slip casting molds. My kitchen was covered with white dust everywhere! My first set did not come out so pretty, so I chucked them in the trash! Trial and error, thats how I learn....This is the next set:

I think they are adorable! There is a mold for a small bowl/tea cup, a square bowl that is a little larger than a cereal bowl, a deep cereal bowl that is narrow at the bottom-it fits nicely in your hand, and a mold or a round cereal size bowl. I also made some slump molds (not pictured) Those are easy to make.

This is the first one to drop out...the small tea-cup/bowl that I shape a little pour spout on before it got leather dry.

here it is:

another view:

I am working on making silkscreen images (with my Gocco that I have had for a couple of years and am terrified of "wasting" it) of my artwork. I also am looking into getting a laser printer to make decals of my artwork (our church might have an old one, we just need to go to storage to look for it)

In family news, we are all doing well. I have been able to do pilates three times a week. I am due for my next set of injections for my back, so I have been more flared up than usual. I see those doctors on Monday, so I should have the injections scheduled to happen in a few weeks. The injections last for about 6 weeks. My appointments are every four weeks, so there is always a lapse of time where I am in a flare. Ok thats enough of that!

Thanks for stopping by!

17 March 2009

the leprechaunator 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day! Caden has a thing for leprechauns. He is determined to catch one, so he spent yesterday afternoon creating the "leprechaunator 2009".

He thought that the leprechaun may be attracted to the scent of a sharpie pen so he "scented" the trap and wrote "leprechaun" on the metal bar to let the little creature know where he needed to be...x marks the spot! To sweeten the pot even more, he drew a rainbow to draw the sneaky little leprechaun near. But.....the leprechaun ended up springhe trap and taking the rainbow and left a note with a one dollar bill for good measure!