06 March 2008


Caden lost his third tooth on February 20, 2008! It is his first tooth he has lost on the top. Now he has a gaping hole, so so cute! He was working on getting it out for quite a while.

see it?

We have been very busy around here. We are about all settled in, although my studio isn't set up yet. We are waiting to go to ikea to pick up some storage cabinets, and Paul is putting legs or having a couple of custom cabinets made for a butcher table top that we have sitting around to make a high work center for my studio. (that will be so nice for my back) We have it all planned out, it is just a matter of gathering up the supplies. Next week I am going over to a friend's house to pick out some more ceramic supplies, the people who owned their house must have been ceramic artists and left tons of supplies there. So rather than through them out, I get to have dibs!

Last week I had another round of epidural nerve block injections. This time they did L4, L5 and S1 on the right. It has helped, so that is a relief! I have also been having physical therapy in a warm salt water therapy pool. I found out that with my insurance that I will be enrolling into, I will get a free gym membership to the gym that has this pool, so I will be able to continue to keep up on working out. I really enjoy the pool, it allows me to get a lot more longer of a workout than I would be able to on land.

This is the picture of our new house (and my new little orange convertible VW!). We love it so much. We have discovered that is is really close to a part of the Western States trail that goes down to the American River and through the canyon. We took about a three mile hike yesterday. It is so beautiful, spring has sprung, and little wildflowers are starting to come out. Next time we will bring the camera! The only problem with the hiking is that the way down is great, but coming back up is all up hill, so we have to pay more attention to how far we go, Caden wasn't too thrilled about the long walk up to home. He survived....just as we knew he would, but you sure wouldn't think he would according to his drama :) Oh to be six again!

I also wanted to post his school picture for this year, I know that I have had a few requests for copies, we didn't get a big package this year because the pictures were taken like the second week after we moved cross country. So we bought the image CD so we could share.
here it is-all of his teeth and all!

Thanks for sticking with reading the blog. It looks like things here are settling down, and once the studio is finished I will be in production mode. I have tried blogging like three times this last month but this laptop has been a pill. It caught a horrible bug again, locked down the motherboard and all. After that was fixed it started acting weird again, so Paul just redid the whole computer again. Looks like we are in business now (we hope!) I cannot wait until we can switch to a mac! One thing at a time, though!

Take care! Thanks for stopping by!