31 August 2006

fifteen miles of vintage cars

Last weekend we ventured out to Grand Rapids to see the Fifteen Mile long car show on 28th street. There were so many cars, some were driving along the busy street, others were lined in various parking lots. Literally there were hundreds if not a thousand cars. Most of the cars were beautiful old cars, but there were a few customized cars newer cars. It was a huge car show. I decided to take pictures of mostly the emblems and lettering of the vintage cars.

Here are a few:

vintage corvette

I loved the color of this car, it was quite overcast, so the color isn't true on the picture, but still pretty, it was an apply green, but not overwhelmingly bright.

and some emblems:

and a fully restored 1965 garbage truck:

and we end with Caden, proudly standing in front of a british limo.

24 August 2006

the little guy..

isn't so little anymore...

This is a picture of Caden's big project today. He decided his "cars" needed to be cleaned. He got the soap, bucket, hose, most of his bikes, etc and he even asked before doing it! So cute. Just like his daddy!

21 August 2006

change is inevitable....

This is a adorable little painting by superminx from Australia. I found her art through flickr. I really like flickr for storing my pictures as well as exploring.

I have been loving anything owl lately. sewing stars (picture above) is making lovely hand sewn versions.

this a miniature version made by Theresa as part of another adorable creation like this one:
, aren't they cute?

Ok, well on to why I titled this blog. Caden is now going to kindergarten and not young fives. He is also going to the smaller school district that we live in. We live in the city of Spring Lake, but Fruitport school district. Ugh, so confusing. I talked personally with the principal, and she assured me that he is ready. I still placed him with the teacher that teaches the young fives, just in case he needs to switch, at least he will have the same teacher. It is expected that the kids read by the end of kindergarten, that is wonderful, but I am not sure if it is practical for Caden. We will see. I know a lot of kids going into first grade that haven't started to read. Caden can identify sight words and his name, and tries so hard to read. He wants to learn and is so curious, so I think he will do great.

In light of this news, we went back to school shopping. He is great on pants (unless another growth spurt happens before September fifth!) and ok on shirts. I like the collared shirts, like polo shirts, he doesn't like tight shirts and stretches out the necks of his t-shirts. More nice shirts are what we are looking for, and as always, shoes.

So that is all for now.

09 August 2006

marco.... polo

my boys...

We have all been out of sorts lately. I hope that this will pass by soon...

Even though we seem to have the summertime blues, we cannot let this beautiful weather just pass us by. The pool has seen the majority of action around here. I taught Caden how to play marco/polo in the pool today. He likes to bend the rules...I kept catching him sneaking a peak. :) Caden is getting so tan, even more tan than his father! We are having a small group pool party this Sunday, so I have been trying to clean the pool everyday, so we get to play every afternoon, not much else is getting accomplished. It is so nice for my back to be able to have a pool. I like to be able to be active, but some days even taking a walk is out of the question. One day, maybe doctors could figure something out to fix failed fusions, till then, I am thankful for what I have.

Paul sold his beloved Saab today, we are not too happy to have to let it go, but it isn't practical for us to have two wagons. We hope to find a small truck or jeep. We might have found one, but we are waiting how things out before getting too excited about it.

Oh, on a cute note, Caden won a free meal at a local restaurant for his drawing. He was so proud. And so are we. So there are a couple of things to cure the blues, but I think it will take a little more than that :( Wish us luck!

08 August 2006

We are...living

I have been working on new graphics for the blog and hopefully, eventually, my ceramic jewelry packaging. I have been diligently working on improving my skills and designing the pendants and focal beads for my ceramic jewelry. I have finally figured out how to dry them without distortion, or warping. Now I need to be able to make the pendants as thin as possible, which isn't easy. I like the look of very thin ceramics like this:

this is the work of Mia Goransson
I just love the paper thin effect. She is working with porcelain clay. I want to try porcelain clay out, but I first need to use the twenty five pounds of white stoneware clay! That'll take quite a while.

Mel Robson
also has gorgeously thin work.

On another note, life here has been full of large ups and downs. A couple of weeks ago, Paul's oncology center called to say that his blood came back with evidence of a bloodborn cancer. Given his past history of bone cancer, the oncologist started to prepare us for the worse. There we were, again, feeling so out of control. We called our relatives and church to ask for prayer. On Wednesday of the following week, we had a glimmer of hope, more testing had come back and the high protein levels, and the white blood cell count could be what is called monoclonal gammopathy. Further testing was scheduled. We found out on Friday of the same week, that, indeed, this is what Paul has. I cannot explain what I felt as I heard the phone ring and see on caller id that is was the oncology/hemotology center. It was a mixture of fear and resolve that we can do it, it is early, we can get through it again. But, thankfully, we don't have too. Monoclonal gammopathy can lead to multiple myeloma (the cancer that it was thought most likely to be affecting Paul), but having it doesn't mean you will get multiple myeloma. What a complete blessing. We still don't know why he has high blood proteins, and Paul is still not feeling great, but it isn't cancer and we are so truly blessed. More testing is being done to figure out what, if anything, is wrong. He as been though chemo twice, the fist time he was so lethargic and nauseated, but was able to work most days, the second time was site specific, much more painful to the site, but not all encompassing like general chemo. The oncologist had prepared us that a blood born cancer is much worse, and he wouldn't be able to work. Our whole life once again flashed before us. All I could think was, is Caden going to grow up knowing his father? Thankfully, we are out of the woods. Thank you very much for those who went through it again with us, we are sorry to have caused so much worry, but we cherished the prayers, and believe they worked!

Caden is growing up so fast. He just finished up VBS (the week that we were thinking Paul may be sick again) and we enjoyed the festivities of the Coast Guard Festival last week. He has graduated to swim wings and is swimming like a fish, but not quite strong enough to swim unassisted. Our pool is quite deep and has a very little shallow end, so he wears out fast. His new love is jumping in the pool, anywhere but the diving board, he will jump next to the diving board, but not off from it yet! Sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera has been annoyingly slow and I haven't gotten any good pics lately. Caden is also obsessed with the weather, the weather channel and tornados! He would rather watch the weather channel than cartoons somedays. It was too funny when I caught him, sitting in front of the TV, entranced with the weather channel! Also, at the mere age of five knows everything. At least he thinks he does, oh we will have our hands full when he is a teenager, we already do! He is a great builder, has a huge imagination, and much more mechanically inclined than his mother. Today, Paul let Caden drive the tractor, and he did great, I was so amazed!

Wow, I never get to blogging because I feel like I don't have much to say, but end up blabbing away. Thank you for being there, I know that when miles may separate us, but it means a lot that family and friends take the time to share our life with them. I hope to update soon, maybe even with real pictures!