12 May 2009

ups and downs

Well, we have had another bump in our road, but all things happen for a reason and it seems we are on the up side now! The place we were renting was unexpectedly sold (was foreclosed upon). We were given six days over spring vacation to move. We ended up putting our stuff in storage and staying with my dad for a few weeks. But we do have good news. We found the most beautiful mid-century modern house on the canyon edge. We really are working towards buying this place, it is beautiful and a dream fulfilled for all of us. There is even a swingset play area for Caden. We call it the treehouse. It is built in an 150 year old olive orchard.

we can see the American River and the snow capped sierra mountains(on a clear day, this picture was taken on a rare cloudy day) and the canyon.

the backyard

the back of the house and decks

the front door and bridge to the house

I will update with more pictures of the inside and Caden's 8th birthday soon!