24 February 2009

{ our cute kid }

We went to South Lake Tahoe this weekend before the next rain storm blew in. We took a gondola ride up to Heavenly Ski Resort. It was an amazing view.

The gondola starts at about lake level and shoot nearly straight up the mountain. It is a pretty crazy tall mountain.

This is the view of lake Tahoe from the first stop. It was really windy up on the mountain, we had to hold our hats on. Caden insists that he is afraid of heights, but it must not be too great of a fear because he was jumping on the grated decking that has a clear veiw way down the mountain just right under our feet.

This is the view of the first stop as we were going back down the hill.

Our goofy kid!

We are still contemplating the possibility of moving to the UK. Big decision.

18 February 2009

february snow

One of the things that we have missed since moving back to California from Michigan is the snow. We live in the Sierra foothills so we are not too far away from the snow and we go and "visit" it every once in a while, but last Friday, the snow came to us!

Caden had a snow day, his class Valentine's party was postponed and all of this hoopla over an inch or two of snow. It was all gone by 11am. It was fun while it lasted though!

Let's see...we also had the Pinewood derby for scouts this last month. Caden's car came in at exactly 5 ounces, but we still didn't place. Here is a picture of all of the kid's cars. They were all very creative. Caden's is the red one on the bottom row, second in from the left.

We also learned how to cross-country ski with the Junior Olympians. It was really fun. Caden ended up getting five patches and two belt loops at the boyscout awards assembly. Here he is, proud of his achievements:

Paul was in Hong Kong for four days for work last week, and he is leaving for England next week. In fact his work has been courting the idea of moving us to London area for five years. It would be quite an opportunity, I love to travel, but I am worried what implications it would have on Caden. What would school be like for him? What will medical care be like for my chronic illness? And how do you transport a turtle? What would we bring, what do we do with our cars? Ugh, so many questions, so much to think about. Needless to say, we are not jumping into this decision. We are getting our passports and we will be traveling to England with Paul, probably within the next month or two. Caden is quite excited about that trip.

I am trying to be a better blogger and to update this more often, my craft room is getting organized and I have a couple of projects in the works. I am especially excited that I have a brand new laptop on the way, my very own airbook, my first mac! I am so thrilled and am counting the days until it gets here! woo hoo! I do say that I got a very nice Valentine's Day gift!