25 October 2005


Sugarcago (in Cadenese of course) better known as Chicago. Yep, that's where I have been. We had our second annual girls outing to Ikea and shopping-a-thon last weekend. It was a lot of fun and I actually found some affordable curtains! Ikea is so wonderful, it is probably a good thing that we do not live closer, our house would be furnished differently and our bank account would be stressed out! I love Ikea. Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking Caden to work on Friday and being such a good daddy. Caden and Paul had a blast, Kiwi--not so much. She missed mommy, and she let Paul know that by being annoying. She's just a baby, she can be forgiven, I missed her too. (But I missed my boys more!)

The house is set to close mid-November and I have been getting cold feet. Never once did I have cold feet when we got married. But this house? It is different. I just am so nervous, I love the house, it is in wonderful shape, good price, I think I feel like I am unworthy to get a house for some unknown reason. Like I am not good enough to actually have a house of my very-own and have a nice one at that. Oh well, I'll get over it after all the nasty paperwork has been signed and we have moved in. Afterall, I do get to put up curtains! I have never had curtains because I didn't want to invest in something for a house that we knew we wouldn't reside in for a long time.

Monday was a crisp visit to the pumpkin patch with Caden's preschool. I got to ride on the school bus with him, too! That was fun. No, really, it was fun! Thursday is picture day. I hope they turn out cute, you never know, it is always a surprise to see what Caden turns out looking like after I drop off for school-it could be scary, but I know that crafting is not scheduled on picture day for a very good reason!

Sorry no pictures today...I have to find all my digital images..they could be anywhere. When and if I find them, I will share!

ps..thanks grandma for the cute pants for Caden, he really needed them! He is a virtual bean sprout...a string bean!

pss..grandma-lini, hope that hip has healed up so that you are able to read this! We miss you and have been praying for your health and healing.

17 October 2005

Our smokin' dog :(

look closely...yes that is kiwi smoking away..naughty dog! (really we don't condone this, I just had to get one pic to remember her silliness!)

Close-up on kiwi's newest vice!

nicotine fit

No, no we didn't start smoking, but our dog seems to have an affinity for the nicotine. You all remember Kiwi, our cute little three month old pug in all of her early innocence...here is a picture of her just to jar your memory :)

That innocence has been shattered. Her sole purpose on her walks is to find any and every discarded cigarette on the road. Then she walks around with it in her mouth. If you could only imagine a pug with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I think she actually craves it, she is obsessed. I will take it out of her mouth and throw it as far away as possible only for her to find another. (the road next to us is the drop-off and pick-up point for a private school, I think the parents throw out the old cigarettes when they are done while sitting in line) Now, in California, only an idiot throws their cigarettes because you can start a wildfire, but here in Michigan this seems to be a very common practice that drives me bonkers! Now my dog is an addict ;) Gee, I wish I had a picture to show you all, I'll try and snap one later!

On another tragic note, I have had a highlighting accident with my hair and am on my way to an emergency hair appointment. Wish me luck! Paul has been sweet, we are down to one car (another emergency) and he has postponed a meeting so we don't have to look at my formerly blonde, now orange, hair. The Wagon has a problem and the mechanic has had it for two days and we have yet to know what is wrong..something engine related UGH! If it is not one thing it is another!

This, people, is our frantic life! Wish us luck!

10 October 2005

word verification

I had to put word verification on my commenting. Sorry, I know it is an annoying extra step, but I was getting way too much spam.

Pier pictures

I thought I would share some pictures from our walk on the beach last week while grandpa was visiting.

Caden and Grandpa

cruising the sand

Kiwi, intrigued by fresh water mussels

the pier, quite a breazy day!

Caden trying to chase the waves.

08 October 2005

Cute bears..

I found this link via
mollychicken's blog. Here are a few samples of cuteness...

holiday bear

adorable hedgehog


Speaking of cuteness, I must get this book

I love love love what momo has been doing with the patterns in the book. So cute!

I was, however, very fortunate to get this book:
Because I was drooling over the cute little puppy and bird patterns. No..I do not knit..but I figured I could use some of my home-made felt in place of the knitted pieces and use the pattern. I wish I could learn to knit..but there are so many other things on the list of things to do before that:)

In other news...it looks like we have the house! 99.9% sure that we will be moving into our very first home of our own mid November! Yahoo! (please continue to pray if you can..we can still use the extra thoughts!, this has been so stressful)

Grandpa is going home tomorrow morning. We had a nice family get-together last night. It is nice seeing family that live so close, but we never see because everyone is busy in their everyday lives.

06 October 2005

How did Dad get in the Radio?

My husband has been working insane hours for the past few months. We all know it is the choice you make when you start a small business, so we have been dealing. Sometimes we don't deal all that well and it gets overwhelming. One fact of this situations is that I haven't had the time to work on my art. Well, yesterday morning, I was driving Caden to preschool at 7:30, and we here Paul on the radio. It was a good thing we were listening to that station because he did the sweetest thing. He just called (as the DJ said, he was having a sensitive man moment) to say how much he realizes this is hard on our family and how he is doing it all for us. Caden knew it was daddy. He didn't think it was at all unusual. Caden just asked me, "mommy...how did daddy get in the radio?" He really wanted to know if there was somewhere we could go to get in the radio with Dad...which, in a way is true...you drive to the radio station (but Paul was on the phone) Very perceptive little gut we have. And how loved we are by his daddy. :)

Oh, on another note, this is my new and (hopefully) improved logo. I finally got my acorn right! (I will get illustrator under my belt one day!!)

now i want to make a rubber stamp out of it and a separate acorn stamp, I wonder if I will accomplish this before the end of the year? haha..

05 October 2005

more crafty goodness

more Japanese crafting sites

pochikonome This site has needle felted goodness..
cute needle cushions and pins..

chiko-no-me This one has clay modeling....

but I really love what Laurie has been doing lately over a Mod Dots..
you can follow the link if you have no clue what I am talking about..I wasn't sure about using her images :)

03 October 2005

crafty goodness

Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes on my birthday, I felt very loved. We had a small get-together at a local woodfired pizzeria. It was nice. I am not adapting well to this new decade..the big 3-0.

I have perusing the wonderful internet and found neat site... poppet It has cool felted animals and figures including...

I absolutely Camilla's new babies...
especially the coco colored one, named "chestnut" He is already sold! Her talent abounds! It would be so wonderful to learn how to crochet little creatures!