28 April 2005


I have been working on putting together some more jewelry. This is the stained glass imbedded piece. I foind that I can stick them on the refrigerator or anything steel, because of the nifty magnetic clasps that I use!

I am really excited, I have been getting tons of ideas and will be doing another pour (of resin) later this week.

Also, I have downloaded more pics of Caden at the dairy.

a cow (of course!)

the cow that let Caden pet her.

Caden looking at the trail of slime after the cow let him pet her. ewe...Caden wasn't so sure about the slimy cow!

27 April 2005

Internet Withdrawals

Can you believe we got snow in late April? That is West Michigan for you!

We have had connection issues for the last few days, but we have been busy! Paul was about to go nuts, because of all the work he was getting behind on. You really find out how much you use it when it breaks! How frustrating.

We painted the entry and the master bedroom this weekend. We chose some really bold colors but we love it!

Caden even helped!

the entryway, my Dad made the boat from scratch, I love it.

the master bedroom (the stupid bed fell apart when Paul moved it)

the pillows i made last night, i fell in love with the material, it is just so cheerful. hopefully we will get a sewing machine soon, we are bidding on one in an auction!

the other pillows i made last night.

This is Caden and his most recent masterpiece. He went and got the camera and insisted that I photograph him, what a ham!

he is very proud of his filthy hands!

Finally...Monday Grandma was able to join us and the preschool on a trip to the dairy farm. Oh what fun was had!

Caden in posing in his protective hat!

class photo, with Miss Katie, Caden's favorite teacher!

Caden and Grandma

21 April 2005

Frolicking frogs

Between the brakes (now fixed) and the incessant frogs, we have had NO silence!! The frogs have been screaming, and our pond is full of them. At least the frogs are happy!!

ps. i wrote this a few days ago and the internet went down, so conveniently, right as the post was publishing.

18 April 2005

A Padded Room Perhaps?

It has been one of those days, starting off with a slip in the shower and then I got my finger stuck in the dryer handle. But never fear, Caden was there and offered to kiss my finger. You know what? It actually did make it feel better!

Here are the pictures of the school that Caden will be attending. It is an academy specializing in arts and sciences. It seems pretty cool and people rave about it, best of all it is in our backyard!

our house and the school's sign

behind our house

the soccer field and playground

We needed to buy a lawn mower this weekend, this is a picture of Caden mowing the lawn. He only did that strip-don't worry he was well attended! He is so smart he knew what a part did on the mower that we didn't even know at first. I cannot believe it! The other day I needed to ask him for help to figure out how to use out cordess vacuum--he is only three! Amazing.

And these are the flowers Caden and I planted last fall, all popping up now.

A couple more things of interest, a unique site that I have found www.postsecret.blogspot.com is a site that anybody sends their "secret" on a postcard for all to view. It is part of an art project, it is very interesting.

Another funny thing is that the frogs in our pond have been so LOUD! That isn't so funny but the brakes on our car are squeaking incessantly (going to be repaired tomorrow) and Caden kept saying the frogs are following us! I didn't get it for a couple of days, finally I realized he was talking about the brakes, silly kid!

14 April 2005

just another day

Still no news on a new job, we have a few leads but nothing seems to be going "our way". Nothing is wrong, but, things just aren't popping into place like everyone desires. I think I caught the blahs. Sick and tired of being sick and sick and tired from being sick. Too much red tape in this game called life. Seems like you have to jump through hoops just to get one simple task done. All is good, but could be better. I guess I should just be thankful for good and not expect better. So long until I have a cheerier day!

11 April 2005

Back to School

Well spring break is over and Caden was so excited to go back to school, he jumped into his teacher's arms. (I guess we are just too boring). Sorry that I haven't been posting, I have been so sick. It has been beautiful here, sunny and 70 degrees. Here are some pictures of a cardinal at our bird feeder (that is the academy that is behind our house that Caden will go to). And also our ducks in the surrounding ponds in our neighborhood.

These ducks are at the wetlands in front of our house, we have a deeper pond in the back yard. We love all the wildlife we get.

We have been searching for a bike that attaches on the back of Paul's bike so that Caden can ride with us. We tried one out today at the bike store and they did so well, Caden was so cute and had a blast riding on a bike. We are going to try to get him one of those and a helmet for his birthday.

Still no news on the jobfront, but hopefully now that spring break is over, people will actually hop to it already.

08 April 2005

Mulligan's Hollow

Here are some pictures from our adventures at Mulligan's Hollow:

As you can tell, Caden was way too busy to pose!

07 April 2005

Spring Break

Caden is off on Spring Break this week and is wearing us out! He is just so active, he literally runs circles around us. We went to the park yesterday to blow some steam off, but it seemed to make him even more hyper. I think we are all ready to regain some sort of normal schedule.

On another note, we have discovered huge turtles in our pond. They may be slow, but camera shy. We haven't been able to snap a picture of them yet. They are prehistoric looking things with long tail and pointed beak. We had a baby turtle get in the garage last night. They are so ugly that they are cute! Here is an example of the kind of turtle we have. They are snapping turtles, not so friendly looking, but the babies are harmless.

we can't wait until the frogs grow up a bit more, that is one of Caden's most favorite things to do (as well as me), to play with the frogs in the rocks around our house. That's all for now, no news here on anything else, Paul is working hard on looking for outside employment, and we are working hard of re-washing all the clothes in the house due to an allergy to the new detergent we bought. ugh, it never ends!

06 April 2005

Spring is officially here!

Spring is here and it seems too boring to be inside typing. We have been going to the park and chasing the turtles, frogs and ducks in our pond. No news on Paul's job and he has restarted a search in case this one doesn't pan out. Hopefully soon he will be going back to work, before we both lose our sanity.

This is a picture of Caden the other day, he has not been wanting to have his picture taken.

03 April 2005

Ducky Day

We chased away seagulls and fed ducks today. It was a beautiful day, a little cool, but bright and sunny.

mommy and caden chasing ducks (really--they just were too fast for us!)

ducks on the dock

01 April 2005

Spring came in with a bang

Well Spring came in with a big bang for us. We had a pretty minor lightening storm, but don't tell our house that. The wind blew the sides off our heater, burnt my computer, and our telephones. Thank goodness for house insurance. Other than that, no new news. We are bringing Caden to the grossology exhibit at the museum this weekend. That will be exciting.