07 May 2007

we interrupt this lack of posting with....

a brief message...

We are visiting Paul in South Carolina. We found a house, but are not quite ready to financially support two homes. It is a scary thing...coming up with another down payment, moving to another state, changing everything...AGAIN...but also exciting. Seeing new places, visiting the Atlantic ocean and Charleston. Learning new things, meeting new people.

We miss our home, our kitties, our beds and our family and friends. But it is so nice to be together with my husband, even though we are camping out on airbeds in the spare bedroom of an apartment rented by a co-worker friend of Paul's. Life is an adventure.

I cannot wait to settle in and experience life in this new area, set my studio back up and start working on my art again. This will have to wait about one to two months.

Caden is taking a vacation from school and I am home schooling him with the work provided by his teacher. Caden misses school and his friends. He turns 6 on Thursday. He is so excited and the countdown to THE DAY is repeated over and over every day. He is very thrilled that we are swing set shopping for the new house (but has the understanding that the house has to be purchased, school needs to get out, and we need to move before we can purchase said swing set/fort contraption). Just something he can look forward to.

ok.. off to entertain one bored little guy who has been harassing me all day.....we both miss school!