11 April 2005

Back to School

Well spring break is over and Caden was so excited to go back to school, he jumped into his teacher's arms. (I guess we are just too boring). Sorry that I haven't been posting, I have been so sick. It has been beautiful here, sunny and 70 degrees. Here are some pictures of a cardinal at our bird feeder (that is the academy that is behind our house that Caden will go to). And also our ducks in the surrounding ponds in our neighborhood.

These ducks are at the wetlands in front of our house, we have a deeper pond in the back yard. We love all the wildlife we get.

We have been searching for a bike that attaches on the back of Paul's bike so that Caden can ride with us. We tried one out today at the bike store and they did so well, Caden was so cute and had a blast riding on a bike. We are going to try to get him one of those and a helmet for his birthday.

Still no news on the jobfront, but hopefully now that spring break is over, people will actually hop to it already.

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