18 April 2005

A Padded Room Perhaps?

It has been one of those days, starting off with a slip in the shower and then I got my finger stuck in the dryer handle. But never fear, Caden was there and offered to kiss my finger. You know what? It actually did make it feel better!

Here are the pictures of the school that Caden will be attending. It is an academy specializing in arts and sciences. It seems pretty cool and people rave about it, best of all it is in our backyard!

our house and the school's sign

behind our house

the soccer field and playground

We needed to buy a lawn mower this weekend, this is a picture of Caden mowing the lawn. He only did that strip-don't worry he was well attended! He is so smart he knew what a part did on the mower that we didn't even know at first. I cannot believe it! The other day I needed to ask him for help to figure out how to use out cordess vacuum--he is only three! Amazing.

And these are the flowers Caden and I planted last fall, all popping up now.

A couple more things of interest, a unique site that I have found www.postsecret.blogspot.com is a site that anybody sends their "secret" on a postcard for all to view. It is part of an art project, it is very interesting.

Another funny thing is that the frogs in our pond have been so LOUD! That isn't so funny but the brakes on our car are squeaking incessantly (going to be repaired tomorrow) and Caden kept saying the frogs are following us! I didn't get it for a couple of days, finally I realized he was talking about the brakes, silly kid!

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Anonymous said...

why were you slippery in the shower? You must be HOT!