07 April 2005

Spring Break

Caden is off on Spring Break this week and is wearing us out! He is just so active, he literally runs circles around us. We went to the park yesterday to blow some steam off, but it seemed to make him even more hyper. I think we are all ready to regain some sort of normal schedule.

On another note, we have discovered huge turtles in our pond. They may be slow, but camera shy. We haven't been able to snap a picture of them yet. They are prehistoric looking things with long tail and pointed beak. We had a baby turtle get in the garage last night. They are so ugly that they are cute! Here is an example of the kind of turtle we have. They are snapping turtles, not so friendly looking, but the babies are harmless.

we can't wait until the frogs grow up a bit more, that is one of Caden's most favorite things to do (as well as me), to play with the frogs in the rocks around our house. That's all for now, no news here on anything else, Paul is working hard on looking for outside employment, and we are working hard of re-washing all the clothes in the house due to an allergy to the new detergent we bought. ugh, it never ends!

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