02 June 2005

more beauties

more beautiful things you can do with felt, can someone just get me a sheep already?

Lililamalice felted pouches

beautiful colors

My main obsession lately has been how to dress up my little black dress for the wedding I am going to tomorrow. I just don't want to wear black to a wedding, but the budget is not going to budge any more for another dress or accessories. I have been looking at cool things that can be easily crafted if you have the materials around. Unfortunately, I don't have all the things I need to make them, plus, I just have been to lazy, honestly.

Caden slipped off the back of the boat while we were stopped and I instinctively just grabbed him by the life jacket and swung him back up on the boat. Ouch...not really smart, he was fine and would have been fine (he doesn't go near the water without a lifejacket on) but I just panicked and grabbed him. (you have to understand that I cannot lift him normally, he is just too big, but mommy adrenaline kicked in and daddy was on the other side of the boat, so...it happened) So I have been gimping around a little more than usual. It is just so much easier to take a gander at all the internet goodness rather than sit down and do something creative. Ugh, promise to self: get more done after California trip, actually finish the pendants I have been working on.

more pretty things:

I wanted to get/attempt to make something like one of these for my dress
via www.goodmorning-goodmorning.com (for above two items)

something like this would dress it up, and it is wool felt!!! my favorite material ever!!

the above three samples are from www.flyingfrogglass.com

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