31 July 2005

Coast Guard Festival

We were able to go out on the jet boat yesterday. It was quite fun and Caden even started to warm up to it. You can turn on a time and go from 0 to 55 in a blink of you eyes. So much fun on Spring Lake. Too bumby if we went out on Lake Michigan (for Caden). The only problem we had was the stearing went out and we only could turn left, right was quite difficult, but you could manage because the boat has two thrusters. It was just a little excitement.

After that we went to go see Madagascar the movie. Caden loved it, it was just long enough, because by the last few minutes Caden started squiggling and complaining he had to use the bathroom. We ate all of the popcorn. I don't ever remember hogging out that much, we must have been hungry from the boat ride.

Today it is off to church (Paul is already there, helping with parking) and then to a car show downtown.

The business seems to be growing (I am not mentally ready for that) Paul has one employee and is in the middle of negotiations for another large contract which would mean two more employees. Luckily Paul has a lot of contacts and knows who he needs for the job. Plus most of the CyberNet employees still do not have jobs. It is so disheartening to see educated people jobless for almost a year and counting because of the shakey job market here in Michigan. It seems that the only way to make it, is to make it on your own. There are so many cut-backs and a lot of people don't know how long-term their jobs will be. At least that is the way I feel, seeing so much of it around here.

The weather has been too nice for much more crafting here. The hot air balloon is all dry, but we haven't attached the basket. I want to make a few more stuffed animals for the newborns in our small group (3!). We will see if I complete that before they are in gradeschool ;) I was able to go to a wool store in holland. I was able to find soy silk, that will be so nice to combine with the wool roving and make some flower pendants, barrettes, and scarves.

We are still waiting on the puppy....we are waiting for the papers to be compete on the duplex. Well that's life as we know it today! See ya later.

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