04 August 2005

Coast Guard Week

Well this is the two weeks that our little town quadruples in size. It is Coast Guard Festival time! This week it started with the parade of boats...

Caden cheering them on.

the helicopter is part of our local patrol and is always zooming around.

This is also part of local patrol. In addition they have a large ice breaker in. It will be decommission next year. Paul was able to come home on time and we toured all but one of the ships.

Kid's day was on Tuesday. It was about 90 degrees and 80% humidity, and I think the whole town plus half of Grand Rapids showed up. Busy.

Caden got his face painted.

he was a little unsure about all this commotion...

Then he got a frog tattoo (temporary of course).

This is his "tough guy" look.

Then we made a sailboat and got an apron from the Home Depot stand. After that it was time to make a turtle puppet. There are no pictures of this because mommy was making the crafts while Caden was flopping around and complaining...He was unsure about all this crowd.

We did get to see a huge display of exotic birds. They were all out of their cages and were flying all about. It was very..Interesting. (considering I have a huge fear of birds..They bite!)
They were sure beautiful though...

hello there!

Then Caden ventured on to go one a few rides...

This was a blow up maze...A lot of kids that went in after Caden were coming out before him. I had a fear that I would hear him screaming and have to crawl in after him, but he emerged and I was so relieved!

Next we waited in line, in the hot sun, (remember the first sentence...The humidity ugh!) I just couldn't disappoint him...All for this...drumroll....

That's right, Caden climbed a rock wall. He did pretty good for his first time, and being four and all.

He had a blast.
Then we went home and both took a long nap! So that is the festival so far...This weekend is the craft fair and the parade (which we are supposed to be in!). Most likely there will be more pics to follow.

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