09 August 2005

parade pictures

Caden "chillin" in the tree while we wait for the parade to start.

Caden was in heaven..the firetruck was right next to our float. He got a private tour of the truck. Most any four year old boys' dream.

Not the best picture...but you can sorta get the idea, we borrowed a truck from the dealership, it matched the VIP boat perfectly, we then had to decorate it red white and blue and salute the coast guard a "happy birthday" (that is what is on the side of the truck)

The view from the back of the boat. We shared a float with one of our clients, Freedom Boat Club. We trade skills, so we get to go on the boat for the gas only.

This is a quick pic that Paul snapped while the parade was in progress, this was after we had passed out 25 pounds of candy....ugh It only lasted for half of the parade. Caden drove the boat and I waved at the crowd. (pretty good for a shy girl, if I do say so myself)

The parade was attended by over 100,000 people and televised on two to three channels. Weird, it has gotten to be a bigger and bigger deal over the years, I had no idea...

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