12 August 2005

thank goodness for naps...

I think that is about all I have to say, I just have had a horrible parenting day, which has been part of a rough week. Caden doesn't want to pick up his toys...so a lot of them have been taken away for a week and put in the "naughty closet", and he is not allowed to get a new toy for a week (because he doesn't seem to care if he loses a toy to the closet). Pretty soon we will be donating the toys. He says 'you can pick them up mom, I don't want them anymore' Ugh!!!!!!! I just don't know, he is in a very difficult phase. He directly disobeys, he just finds things out the hard way. It breaks my heart and makes me feel like a bad mom. He is so strong willed, we just need to mold him a little to believe us when we say something, he thinks he knows everything (and he is only four, boy what is this going to turn into when he is a teenager?)

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