01 September 2005

Catastrophic Katrina

Like everyone out there, we are so horrified by the devastation down south. My husband has worked with The American Red Cross as a disaster relief manager, and with FEMA. Now, with this new business, it is taking him everything to not go down and help. He has been asked by the Red Cross, but there is no possibility of him leaving us because without him, there is no business and his family and his employee's family couldn't make it. So, like most everyone, we sit up late at night watching the devastation and praying for as quick and painless of recovery as possible. So, from very personal experience, I know that The American Red Cross is a wonderful institution to have in place, they are planning on serving over 500,000 meals a day, they have care packages, grief counselors, and they know how to work their way through the government for assistance. So if you feel so inclined, they would be a wonderful place to donate time and money.
Donate to the American Red Cross
There is also a wonderful conglomeration of crafters who have donated their crafts so all proceeds can go to the relief efforts check out Crafters United for hurricane Katrina Relief

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