08 September 2005

house hunting

I haven't been posting much around here much because the house hunting has reached a fevered pitch. Last night we viewed five. One we would only dream to have, but is at the top end of our budget. We need to be conservative, so that one is out, although I so so love it. One was ok. Another was a no way. And one was just right, same lay out as the one we liked, closer to town. It was just right, but we are not sure that our financing is completely done and we need 20% down. So, Paul has tons of equipment up on ebay to raise some more money. Still thay won't be enough. We were planning on 10% down, but our financing rate would would beome so much better with 20% down. So hopefully the soft housing market will keep that one available and give us more time. It had a big fenced in back yard, it was really nice. We did look at one that you could see the lake at the end of the driveway, but it needed a total rehaul in the inside and with Paul working 90+ hours at work, there would be no way because of my disability. This has been quite a trial for us.

Kiwi is slowly becoming potty trained, but she is a pug and only 8 weeks old, so not so easy on that front. She has turned out to be a nice calm dog who can just as happily lay on my lap or play with Caden. She has started this cute thing where she runs as fast as she can, dips her head down, and do a sommersault. So cute.

Caden started his second year of preschool and loving it! The first day he had to sit in the "green chair", which is the naughty chair and he was not too happy about that. It has seemed to straighten out the problem. He is a full head taller than any one else in his class. Whew, cannot keep shoes and clothes on that kid! He is growing like a weed! I like summer because shorts are supposed to be short and he fits in them a lot longer because he is long and lean.

kiwi licking her chops!

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