29 September 2005


Caden is sick...Grandma-lini is recovering from a hip replacement, and Grandpa California is visiting us for two weeks. Last night was Grandpa's birthday, Sunday is mine. Caden's head hurts, he must have a sinus headache or allergies, but my very active child is reduced to a mopey child laying on the couch with his head on my lap. Oh, how I wish I could "fix" him. It is sad to see your kids get sick.


Meghan said...

So very sorry Caden. Yesterday Nika was looking at your picture (caden) and was saying Da Da.

michelle said...

wow, caden isn't quite that big yet, but matt better watch out, by the time we see you guys next, he might be pretty tall :) Your blog is great, I have finally converted someone! yay!