25 October 2005


Sugarcago (in Cadenese of course) better known as Chicago. Yep, that's where I have been. We had our second annual girls outing to Ikea and shopping-a-thon last weekend. It was a lot of fun and I actually found some affordable curtains! Ikea is so wonderful, it is probably a good thing that we do not live closer, our house would be furnished differently and our bank account would be stressed out! I love Ikea. Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking Caden to work on Friday and being such a good daddy. Caden and Paul had a blast, Kiwi--not so much. She missed mommy, and she let Paul know that by being annoying. She's just a baby, she can be forgiven, I missed her too. (But I missed my boys more!)

The house is set to close mid-November and I have been getting cold feet. Never once did I have cold feet when we got married. But this house? It is different. I just am so nervous, I love the house, it is in wonderful shape, good price, I think I feel like I am unworthy to get a house for some unknown reason. Like I am not good enough to actually have a house of my very-own and have a nice one at that. Oh well, I'll get over it after all the nasty paperwork has been signed and we have moved in. Afterall, I do get to put up curtains! I have never had curtains because I didn't want to invest in something for a house that we knew we wouldn't reside in for a long time.

Monday was a crisp visit to the pumpkin patch with Caden's preschool. I got to ride on the school bus with him, too! That was fun. No, really, it was fun! Thursday is picture day. I hope they turn out cute, you never know, it is always a surprise to see what Caden turns out looking like after I drop off for school-it could be scary, but I know that crafting is not scheduled on picture day for a very good reason!

Sorry no pictures today...I have to find all my digital images..they could be anywhere. When and if I find them, I will share!

ps..thanks grandma for the cute pants for Caden, he really needed them! He is a virtual bean sprout...a string bean!

pss..grandma-lini, hope that hip has healed up so that you are able to read this! We miss you and have been praying for your health and healing.

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