28 November 2005


Happy belated anniversary to Paul's parents! Paul reminded me to send a card the day before and, well, um, ...I didn't. Sorry...there you have it, I am a slacker! But I did remind him to call (but he didn't need it). Paul is quite homesick, the holidays will do that.

Also, happy belated thanksgiving. We had a nice quiet celebration just the three of us. Sometimes it is nice to have quiet times, but I think we would much prefer to be around family and friend for the holidays. We received about 18 inches of snow for Thanksgiving. Now is is quite warm and we had thunderstorms with lots of rain. All of the snow is gone, including "snow turtle". What is snow turtle you may be asking, well, our kid adopted a chunk of snow and named him turtle. He toted that chunk of snow around all day. (when he was outside) He even asked to stick him in the freezer! Mr. Smarty-pants!

Nothing much else is happening. We are settling into the new house nicely. And I figured out that sewing isn't like riding a bike. You can't just go back to it without a learning curve. Thus, we do not have curtains. Everything is ready to be stitched up, I have gone through one whole spool of thread, and I still haven't figured out this sewing machine. I have a simple machine, but I got the drop in bobbin thingy, (everyone said it was so much easier), well, not so easy for me. If I could afford lessons, I would be there! Trust me, I need them.

I have been going to some new type of physical therapy for my nerve disease. It is called Felden Krais. It is really weird, but somehow, someway it does seem to help a lot of people. (http://www.feldenkrais.com/) It is supposed to re-teach your autonomic system how to move correctly. Different.

For all you lucky Grandparents and relatives, I have decided to help you out with Caden's wish list!
1. He loves anything to take apart and put together, like lincoln logs etc. (he doesn't have lincoln logs), mega blocks castle, geo trax
2. socks (this is my request)
3. a tee pee or fort like this (this one is from pottery barn..kinda pricey)

4. a leapster, once again, pricey, but we are looking to work on fine motor skills and concentration, this seems like a way to help out with that.

5. he is really into scooby doo right now.
6. a skateboard (not that mom and dad are thrilled about that request, but he does have a helmut)
7. games like operation, candyland etc (we only have hi-ho cherry-o)
8. an all terrain remote control vehicle kinda like this:
Something that goes on land and snow and water, he always is asking for one.

Just a few ideas, he loves anything with wheels etc.. He will love anything, I just know that it is difficult to Christmas shop for kids! (He wears size 6, 13 shoes, 8 pj's, and is quite tall and long-as you all know)

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