10 February 2006

mini-adventure, 49.9 miles north, $29.90 budget

Yesterday was the last sunny day before the snow was going to come, so we knew we should make the best of it. Paul thought of a very interesting adventure. We all picked three numbers, averaged them and 49.9 miles north was the average. Then the budget averaged to be $29.90.
Here's Caden all ready to go:

Favorite blanket (fleece with a road design I picked out, backed and tied together) and Stinkball in hand, his trusty piece of baby blanket, oh it was so gorgeous when Great Grandma made it, I salvaged a large piece, he gets this little tidbit that I cut off to through away to make it more safe, but it turned out that is what he really loved about it, so I tied it all together to make it safer. anyways...

We got to 49.9 mile north...here it is...

Mile marker 152 on US 31. That was nice, what next? Well Ludington was just a few miles aways, so off we went. Caden had to go potty anyway, that is the norm.

We chased a few seagulls at the beach. Took a little ride to look at the dunes, lighthouse and all the sites...

ate a little food and headed home, under budget and a little less stressed. We were able to drive away from a few troubles, and relax a little. Something I suggest to anyone who needs to get away from the trials and tribulations of day to day duldrums. To top it off, Paul got another interview scheduled right before we left, so we left on a good note. A good way to enjoy a lttle sunshine!

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