04 April 2006


To celebrate my recovery from my surgery (which is tomorrow)-hey I am optimistic, I conquered Amazon Japan and completed an order! Paul still cannopt understand why I just need to have craft books in another language that I cannot read. But he just doesn't get it. In 3-4 weeks these will arrive, just in time for my recovery:

Oh I cannot wait--this will give me even more incentive to get better fast. I cannot believe Easter is so close. Yet another reason, the Easter Bunny has not prepared yet, Mr. Easter Bunny may need to do the preparations, but that will be ok, I heard he is good at all that stuff too. Can you tell I am nervous? I just keep blabbing on and on.

Oh by the way, shipping cost half the price of the three books, and that was international slow shipping, the kind that takes forever and is the cheapest of the cheap. Wow, I had no idea how much shipping is around the world.

Oh by the way..Zoey has healed well from her surgeries and is getting her stitches out today! When we got home today, after running a few errands, I called and called for her. She didn't come, then I started to hear the saddest meow you have ever heard. She had somehow become stuck in our closet, poor thing. She is no worse for wear and happily watching the chipmunks from our/or should I tell the truth and say her bay window! That would traumatize me!

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Dawn said...

I'm hoping you're not posting because you're taking it easy and making a speedy recovery from your surgery. Still keeping you in my thoughts and hope to see you back soon. :)