26 October 2006

halloween prep.

This is our front bay window. The big owl like object is caden's interpretation of a bat, I think that he meant for it to be an owl because I have recently become enamoured with everything owl. Isn't it cute? He did it all by himself, he didn't want to comform to mom's idea of making bat wings from his hand print, we only got one done!

This was my idea, "no mom I want to do it...." Mr. Independant...

I used a template to print out the word "halloween" and strung it on orange yarn from the window top.

We made a whole bunch of just plain old bats and hung them all around the windows. We have pumpkins and gourds grouped all over the house. Having a child is a great excuse to make our house more festive for each holiday.

This is Caden with his prized pumpkin from the farm we visited with his school.

This picture was taken the morning of picture day, he is such a goof...

In other news...we had our first snow of the season, a light dusting..

Caden and all of us send hugs to all family and friends that are far far away!

This week Caden is KinderKing. He got to bring in baby and family pictures and his favorite costume (a huge horse that he wore last halloween) and his favorite book and toys. His favorites depend on the minute you ask him. He has numerous favorites in each category! We also got to bring in a special treat this week, I brought in cupcakes with star wars rings on top. (Caden's choice) But best of all, in Caden's words is that he gets to be the line leader. Yes, we have a born leader here...mr. trouble. he he

.....addition to santa list for Caden.....Toys r Us megafort, and HO scale train parts and pieces. He plays with his train all the time, he can put it together all by himself. I got his a catalog for trains and he circled almost every thing! I think he favors construction additions or something that actually does something like move etc.. I will try to put up his list on the sidebar, just for the fun of it.

Happy week everyone!

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