29 November 2006

happiness is..

happiness is trying to teach Caden how to blow a bubble with bubble gum. I have no idea how I learned this particularly "cool" (to a five year old) ability, but Caden sure helps me relish in the little things in life. He has not yet mastered this talent, but he has been trying and trying all afternoon.

In other news, the vin number on the wheels to our stolen car has been "pinged" in the database. Apparently they are somewhere in Detroit. I wonder if we at least get the wheels back? The car has to be gone for 30 days until the insurance pays us for it. Thank goodness for insurance. Caden's theory of the whole car thing is that they simply needed a ride because they lost their car, and they needed to "use" daddy's car. Hmm, to think so much of this world. Caden was quite heatbroken because he had his two "favorite" (everything is his favorite) trucks were in the car. Daddy is upset because his peacoat was in the car (winter is coming tomorrow, literally) and all of his computer programming programs...oh bugger. This is our third stolen car, and it just sucks. It is hard to keep starting over again, but, once again, that is why we carry good insurance. Sometimes it seems that if we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all. But really, we just need to stop buying cars that everyone else likes to steal.

The first batch of owls are cooling down from the glaze firing. {I peeked, they look cute!} Looks like they will be packaged and ready to fly away on December first, right on the deadline!

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