10 November 2006

November 10th....

image from theTiny Showcase

November tenth means one thing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!

In other news, I decided to get my rear in gear and participate in an ornament swap. I am designing ceramic ornaments that will be sent all over the world. There are 400 participants. You can view pictures of ornaments in the making here.
I am excited to push myself to finish and share a final product. I am so bad about sharing my art, I feel that I am inadequate. Maybe this will help me towards my goal of starting an etsy shop one of these days.

ps..I have added to Caden's Christmas Wishlist....

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Miss Dot said...

Hello! I am your newest contact on flickr, the gal making the resin ornaments? good luck with your etsy shop. I plan to go live with mine this weekend! wish me luck. I am off to read more of your blog. cheers