23 January 2007

...captains log....

Caden had a blast last Friday at the birthday party. I was so proud of him, he was so well behaved. He is really growing up fast these days. He even brings his very first report card home tomorrow. He is learning how to write a lot more words, too. He regularly write me a note that says "hi mom, I love you". Other than his first name, his first words that he wrote were "mom" and "hi". So cute. He also knows how to write "thank you", he taught himself that phrase, it was on a card that they colored in at Sunday school, he used it as reference and wrote a thank you note to the cat.

poor little suki...

Speaking of our cats...Suki (the new one) has never been healthy sense we adopted her. She sneezes and actually has like a sinus infection and on top of that has diarrhea very badly. The shelter finally agreed to check her out. They have been taking care of her since Saturday. We miss her so much. Even Zoe, our other cat, seems lost for her, she searches the house and meows at night now. It is like she is searching for her buddy. We hope to hear word soon and have her back. Luckily, Zoe did not catch the illness.

Last Thursday I went in for my nerve block. This time I spoke with my regular doctor and he reviewed my last MRI. I guess that my L5-S1 disc has re-herniated...again. This is the third time. The fusion is supposed to limit motion to prevent this from happening. Apparently, it did not. The MD said that my disc must be pretty weak to keep bursting. I made an appointment with my primary care to get a referral to an ortho or my neuro surgeon to see what to do now. At least the MRI gave insight for my nerve block.

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