06 April 2007

hackers suck!

Two days ago I was cruising the web, answering email, you know, the daily routine...and I was interrupted, left a few windows open connected to the web. Well, withing ten minutes we were under attack from some nameless predator who strives only to wreck other people's things, even livelihoods could be affected. Someone completely hacked my new lap top. I mean I have had this thing for like three weeks. I was so devastated. They locked down everything, right down to the motherboard, basically rendering it a six pound chunk of junk. I thought that I had lost everything again (only a month or so ago my last laptop had a meltdown and I lost all of the info on that one).

Luckily I have a husband who, given a little time, was able to break back in and get it back to normal. When this happened he was really skeptical if he could fix it. He was also swamped with work. We were really fortunate that Paul was home when this was happening and on the network and was able to stop the attack as it preceded onto the rest of the computers on our network. Even though it is just a "thing", I felt so violated, even lost sleep, just because someone, who does not even know who they are attacking, violated us.

So, I just wanted to warn you not to leave your computer with open windows. One day, you may find yourself with a locked down computer or worse, they could take vital info from you.

We are all better now, thankfully.

The Easter bunny decided to make an early Saturday stop at out house, so Paul can enjoy a little Easter celebration before he leaves for South Carolina. We were able to find a second car, and are enjoying having two car payments once again, so he is able to drive down. This saves us tons of money as renting a car is quite costly. Now the only thing left is to find housing (the house we think we are going with is not quite finished) sell half of our furniture, (the house does not have a basement and is about one thousand square feet smaller than our current house), lease our current house (we are not selling it because the economy in Michigan is scary, plus we haven't owned the house long enough to have much equity, and Paul wants to keep it as an asset), Caden to finish kindergarten, pack, have a yard sale, and move in mid-June. Oh boy....wish us luck.


shula said...

Were you using a firewall?

Spooky, isn't it?

michelle said...

yep, we have it firewalled, our network is locked down, everything...very scary...