31 October 2007

happy halloween!

pictures as promised...

caden in his bat costume, wings made from a broken umbrella (armature taken out because I was too worried that someone would poke their eye out-I am just no fun!)

a close-up on his ears and the mask that I felted extra fur into the ears and on the sides of the mask.

boo! I tried to carve the word boo into one of our small pumpkins...it didn't really work out.

Paul always has to something different to his pumpkins, so he painted it black this year.

this is my pumpkin, Caden said it wasn't scary enough, so I gave it a skull and bones "tattoo"

Caden designed and cut his pumpkin all by himself. He even crafted a hole to light it with a flashlight. Apparently they are teaching him in school that it isn't safe to use a tealight to light your pumpkin (perhaps they are not safe only if you leave them unattended).

flashlight hole.

Well we are off for the first trick or treating adventure right now-downtown Auburn is hosting trick or treating iin the afternoon. We will venture out later tonight too!

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Meghan said...

We all went out of got a pumpkin and forgot to carve it.