24 January 2008

it is always something...

Well, this week is zooming by. I had my caudal epidural injections yesterday at the surgery center. The doctor had to do it twice because my anatomy was different (his explanation) and he had to move the needles lower. It should start to help within 3-5 days, fingers crossed.

Our garage has had a mold problem for quite some time and we have become concerned that it may cause us to be ill. We have given notice here and found a house with an option to buy after things with our house in Michigan clear up. The house is great, I will have an indoor studio, Caden will have a back yard to play in, and we will even have a reason to buy furniture eventually, as it has a living room and a family room. The neighborhood also has a small park. The only problem is that we cannot bring Suki with us. We are hoping that a friend will be able to care for her until we can purchase the place (if that happens). The owner had a really bad experience with cats and she absolutely will not allow us to have a cat. We are concerned for Suki because she has a chronic upper respiratory infection that our vet says will always be a problem, so finding her a new home will be difficult. She is a big part of our family, but it is so difficult to find places that allow a cat, and we have to put our family's health and Caden first. The condo where we live currently is run by a really difficult person who does not allow kids to play outside. We knew this would be a temporary move when we moved in, but the mold situation has caused us to step up the house search. Ugh, it is always something. The move is set for February 15th.

Next weekend we will be traveling to Oregon for Paul's Dad's birthday. The big boys get to go deep sea fishing, while the girls and Caden get to hang out. So that will be fun!

I don't think that I have told you all that Caden was able to get his turtle! His name is Sheldon and he is a asian aquatic turtle. He is quite cute! I will try to post some pictures of his soon! The turtle can make the move to the new house.

We have also found a church home. We are so happy to start getting back involved in a community. It is a new, small church call Elevation. Paul's good friend from high school goes there and invited us to check it out. It is very different, in a good way, from what we are used to. Being so small is an advantage though, we have already had a few volunteers to help us move. It is a very young church, mostly young families, we have more kids than adults! Oh, I almost forgot! One of the teachers in Caden's room moved into a house where the owner must have been a potter and left a lot of supplies. She invited me to come over one of these days and take whatever I want of the supplies that the former occupant left! I am so excited to see everything!

Well, thanks for stopping by! I will try to post some pictures of Sheldon the turtle soon! Take care!

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