24 February 2009

{ our cute kid }

We went to South Lake Tahoe this weekend before the next rain storm blew in. We took a gondola ride up to Heavenly Ski Resort. It was an amazing view.

The gondola starts at about lake level and shoot nearly straight up the mountain. It is a pretty crazy tall mountain.

This is the view of lake Tahoe from the first stop. It was really windy up on the mountain, we had to hold our hats on. Caden insists that he is afraid of heights, but it must not be too great of a fear because he was jumping on the grated decking that has a clear veiw way down the mountain just right under our feet.

This is the view of the first stop as we were going back down the hill.

Our goofy kid!

We are still contemplating the possibility of moving to the UK. Big decision.

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Anonymous said...

yay, you are back! I so missed reading and seeing your blog. Looking forward to more :)Julie Mik