27 April 2005

Internet Withdrawals

Can you believe we got snow in late April? That is West Michigan for you!

We have had connection issues for the last few days, but we have been busy! Paul was about to go nuts, because of all the work he was getting behind on. You really find out how much you use it when it breaks! How frustrating.

We painted the entry and the master bedroom this weekend. We chose some really bold colors but we love it!

Caden even helped!

the entryway, my Dad made the boat from scratch, I love it.

the master bedroom (the stupid bed fell apart when Paul moved it)

the pillows i made last night, i fell in love with the material, it is just so cheerful. hopefully we will get a sewing machine soon, we are bidding on one in an auction!

the other pillows i made last night.

This is Caden and his most recent masterpiece. He went and got the camera and insisted that I photograph him, what a ham!

he is very proud of his filthy hands!

Finally...Monday Grandma was able to join us and the preschool on a trip to the dairy farm. Oh what fun was had!

Caden in posing in his protective hat!

class photo, with Miss Katie, Caden's favorite teacher!

Caden and Grandma

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