28 April 2005


I have been working on putting together some more jewelry. This is the stained glass imbedded piece. I foind that I can stick them on the refrigerator or anything steel, because of the nifty magnetic clasps that I use!

I am really excited, I have been getting tons of ideas and will be doing another pour (of resin) later this week.

Also, I have downloaded more pics of Caden at the dairy.

a cow (of course!)

the cow that let Caden pet her.

Caden looking at the trail of slime after the cow let him pet her. ewe...Caden wasn't so sure about the slimy cow!


Butterflyyy said...

By chance do you sell the embedded glass pendants? Love it!

michelle said...

Thank you so much,I am glad you like it! I am in the process of creating a website to sell my necklaces and other design. I would love to sell you a piece!