23 May 2005


my new necklace, imbedded stained glass in resin, sanded and re-sanded, polished and then strung on silk beading string (it also has a nifty magnetic closure) is available for sale if anyone is interested. one of these day i will post it over to my site www.buggabu.com (which is still horribly not finished yet)

In news...today I had two more SI (sacril-iliac) joint blocks. There is a possibility that my fusion may not have taken due to popping. I will be having some more xrays soon to get them read. If that happens, well, let me say it would be surgery number eight (at least)...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is well I don't want to put my family through another major surgery. At least I know a good surgeon here, but not the same one that did the removal of the spinal cord stimulator :) he was a little, shall we say, grumpy. (Not that bedside manner is necessary, just nice)

oh, once again I am off subject;) I wanted to say that I would love you all to write back feedback on anything in the comments, just a line or two, whatever. I know that I get some feedback by phone or email, but I would so so very much like a little feedback here. Not those creepy ones I got (just if you are reading that, when I slip in the shower it is not an invitation to mention hotness just clumsiness) A few of you know what I mean:)

Cooper Taz, our old pug, just came across this pic, wasn't he adorable?

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