22 May 2005


I learned how to add link buttons!!! I am so excited. I can now exchange link buttons! I created one for Buggabu designs (me) and Alini group, Paul's consulting business. I am having so much fun! Now I just want to learn how to put a picture in the title of this blog. hmm..onward and upward.

In other good news, we got a weird call this am saying to look on our front porch. Low and behold, there is out stolen laptop. Yeah! Things are finally looking up. Now we won't have to finance a computer like we wee planning on, canceling order today. It looked like they were unable to crack the password and new the address from a resume left in the briefcase. We had posted rewards for it and asked for it no questions because there was so much business info on there that had not really been backed up. Thank you to whomever decided to bring it back.

We went to the kite festival yesterday and also were able to go on a date!!! Caden had so much fun with the babysittere. We didn't take pictures at the festival because the sky was a little overcast and not all that beautiful. It was nice and warm though, and they had so many different kinds of kites.

I am also sending in an application for a pug rescue. We have decided on adopting a small female fawn pug. We have been looking for just the right pet, our last rescued pug was adorable but he felt he was dominant to Caden..hmm dog vs child? Of course the kid won out!! We have been advised that female dog are much less apt to be so dominant. We just want a laid back cuddly buddy that will hang out with us...but please don't pee on us (like the last one!)


we will see, we will wait until we find the right pet!

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