08 May 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a beautiful day for mother's day. Hope you all had a good one :) We had a big adventure to the Tulip Festival in Holland. We made a big oops and forgot the camera though, bummer. The flowers were beautiful, so many varieties, so manyy colors, just fantastic. Caden was in a mode, though. He insisted on going up the windmill (we didn't) the line was long and it was hot (hey 78 degrees is hot for us northerners, especially unprepared for the heat northerners). We did bring him to the children's fair. On the very first event, a bouncy tent, he fell and a larger child bounced right on his head. Blood everywhere, Caden screaming! Did the ride administrators do anything, no! Of course not, I had to drag our bloody kid out of the bouncy tent, while kids were still bouncing mind you, and find the ambulance at the front of the park. Luckily, they had an ambulance for showing the kids and they were able to help us out. Caden has a big fat lip just in time for his birthday. It just seems to happen like that. Makes me wonder how I had ever thought I had a life before having a child. Remember strolling along calmly? Naw, I would never give up this insanity!

ps...i posted some pretty posters for this and some of the past tulip times

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