07 May 2005


We just got confirmation that Paul passed the last exam and is now a proud owner of a master's degree! All those long hours online that I thought he was aimlessly cruising, he was working on achieving a master's degree. It seems that his former employer had paid for the program before being forced out of business (oh how we love cybernet group). Paul felt like he needed to work on this by himself and not be stressed by the feelng of letting us down if he didn't finish (therefore he didn't tell me--you dork!). Well CNG left us with one good thing! Hopefully this will bring more backing and excitement to his consulting business Alini Group. ( www.alinigroup.com ) He has two important meetings next week. Wonderful job to my wonderful husband. I love you.

On another note, we just couldn't waste this good weather and had to give Caden one of his birthday presents a couple of days early! We gave him a trailer bike! We all went for a beautiful hour long bike ride to enjoy the sunshine. This is an example of the bike I am talking about.

We had fun, but Caden needs a lot of practice, Paul had to do most of the peddaling. Caden was a bit wobbly, but hey he's only three. (ok...almost four, ugh I am getting old!)

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