10 May 2005

Happy Number Four!

How can four years just fly bye? Today caden turned four! I brought cupcakes to school and we went out to pizza and cake with Grandma tonight. Caden got a harmonica, i know i may regret it, but i knew he would love it. He also got two bikes, a regular bike and a trailer bike that rides behind Paul's bike. We also got him a crazy looking bike helmet, Grandma-lini finally got to talk to Caden for like 10 seconds, but at least he is trying to talk on the phone now. Grandma got him a cool bubblemaker that he insists on bringing to school...it is magically going to disappear before tomorrow morning so we don't have that drama! We had a fun day.

We will be in California June 4-18. Such a long time, one weekend will be for a super mega yard sale, everyone knows that that has been needed for like...decades. Should be fun, sure, I just keep telling myself that and make it reality. But I do want to see my dad and see for myself he is doing ok after my grandmother's recent passage. It is like the foundation of the family is now gone and we are all scattered doing our own thing now. Our family has never been that close, but Grandma held what there was together. She will be missed. But she is in a much better place now and out of her misery that encompassed her life for the last I don't know how many years. I couldn't imagine struggling for every breath for over a decade, just a little image for all you smokers, it is a slow cruel death.

Hmm why did I end this fun day on thay note, well I just needed to say goodbye.

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