29 June 2005

Busy Bee!

Caden, this afternoon

Well today has been another busy summer day. I think we are just running away from the humidity. We had our normal rounds of shopping to do, bu tonight we went out to pizza with Grandma. After that we toke a stroll on the beach. It was so beautiful by the beach, much cooler and nice waves in the water. Unfortunately Daddy had to work so it was Caden and the "girls" tonight. Paul just got home and it rushing the last bit of daylight trying to mow the lawns. He is working so hard. He has to go to California next week. He seemed excited, I, well, was not so excited. He is already gone so much, we will miss him so.

a quick painting in Caden's room, I though I would share a few...

horrible picture of this painting, but I painted this for our little surfer dude.

another aquatic theme.

Caden's favorite of this bunch, I made it because he loves his firetrucks!

and finally...

This is a picture I found on the camera from our boat trip on Memorial Day. We, and half the population of this state, will be going boating on the Fourth. I am excited.

Things I am looking forward to:
-transplanting flowers this fall, our yard needs more perennials
-getting a cute pugly wuggly soon
-going to the beach more

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