28 June 2005

hot, humid and hurried

north pier recent boating excursion

the water out-put by port sheldon, it is like a big bubbly mass in the middle of the lake, kinda like a monster lurking under the water if you didn't really know why it was there!

paul and caden

a big boat in the channel as we were heading out, it was coming in, we felt puny!

That has been what we feel like lately. Hopefully there will be a break in the weather soon. There is actually a restriction on the water usage here. It is so dry, most lawns are fried. Luckily we have a well for water with and our garden is flurishing, especially the weeds. It seems like we are still catching up with things to get done ever since we got back from California.

I have been organizing the craft/office/spare bedroom. I have been inspired by the purchase of the sewing machine. I even have an "inspiration wall" where I post pictures of all things cute.

Paul has been very busy with work, even working until 11 last night. He sold he car, again (long sordid story). We are purchasing a Saab 9-5 station wagon to replace it. The wagon has a manual transmission, we were having fun getting used to it again! It is a fun car to ride in and will be a good commuter car. Paul has been putting on over 500 miles a week back and forth to work. The stick will make it have better gas mileage than my 9-5, plus mine has a little lower miles and has a little more bells and whistles. So, I will be keeping mine, Paul will use the wagon.

So much for rambling...

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