15 June 2005

Guess What...it is still hot and sunny....woohoo

If you like hot and sun, then California is for you. I don't. I guess that is i why we moved away so many years ago. I am jealous of my husband back in Michigan, although he says there really hsn't been all the much since we left. I am bored, Caden is bored. It is just too hot to do much. We will go shopping later today, but playing out at the park has to be well planned and in the morning. Well, I am just not that coordinated right now, so instead we go to the park for 20 minutes and run for the refuge of an air conditioned car.

Hopefully today we will have fun and Caden will not be too moody. Fun is always dependent upon the mood of the child. I tell him he is the center of the world, but truely he is, and he knows it. I am so happy to be going home, where there is more entertainment for an ever so busy four year old.

No other news, it looks like the pug that I wanted to adopt is on medical hold and also they would like to adopt her with another pug that she has been sharing a home with. I do not think that we can do two dogs, plus I have had my fill of male dogs for a while, I am tired of being the only female in our household! But isn't she cute anyway?

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