14 June 2005

scrub a dub-dub

As I write this post Grandpa and Caden are scrubbing the cars. They are using a power washer. Caden was so excited to actually use one because we have been perusing them for what seems like ages. We would like one also. Everytime Caden sees one in a store he longingly looks at it and says something like "Daddy needs one, it's on sale, we need to get Daddy this". We are so frugal, our four year old has the term "on sale" in his vocabulary and frequently tries to persuade us to buy us him something because he thinks it is "on sale"!

Congratulations are due for my ever hard working and determined husband! He landed a job that will more than provide for our household. This assignment will last nine months or more, instead of the original three months that were anticipated. It was nice to hear the relief and joy in his voice. We miss him so much.

I think today is the day that Caden's bunkbed will be delivered, it will be so exciting to see his surprise when we get home on Saturday.

On another note, my Dad is continuing to throw stuff out. Now, for those of you who don't know, this is a huge deal. He has collected things for years. It is just the kind of stuff that you think you may use but instead sits on the shelf collecting dust for decades. It seems he is determined to turn a new leaf and make this household his own now. Grandma will always be remembered, but we do not need to keep all of her (and some of his) stuff laying around. It is being donated to many non-profits.

image via http://www.designsponge.blogspot.com design*sponge has cool new products on her blog everyday! These are from Michele Varian at http://www.michelevarian.com
I love visiting design*sponge's site every day, it is like shoppping without all the hassle, I can always daydream about all the neat designs! Tomorrow Caden and I are going shopping. I am excited. They have so much more variety of stores here in California. Thursday we get to visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Cheryl! Yahoo!!!!

more beautiful things...

all of the above are more of Michele Varian's designs. All who know me well, know I love pillows!!!

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