16 June 2005

How to have fun in the ER?

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Well, we didn't go shopping. I had to go to the ER because of the unavailability of my medication. I had it special ordered and it didn't come in, so the only option was to go to the ER because I would get sicker without it. Needless to say, it wasn't a fun day. Caden was as good as could be expected. He made friends with a six year old. Caden was bigger than the six year old! The little boy was more interested in interviewing me, asking how old I was, etc. Caden got really jealous. It was not the most entertaining four hours of my life. But here I am, duragesic patch in place, doing better. (At least I am able to walk and care for Caden, so that is better in my book!)

Today we will see Grandma and Grandpa and also Aunt Cheryl. They will be coming later than expected, I hope Caden will be able to contain his ants in the pants that seem to occur when he doesn't have a nap. We can only hope ;) Oh well, a little hyperness never hurt anyone, I guess I am just jealous that I don't have one hundredth of his energy and enthusiasm for life. Having a child opens a whole new perspective and appreciation for life.

I have been sorting through my Grandmother's spuratic collection of pictures. I have already copied a few picture at kinko's on a CD, and now I have discovered a few more. We are going to go get them copied in jpg format at Kinko's in a few minutes. I put together pictures packets for the relatives. Grandma saved, cherished, and bosted every family picture she ever received. I think that our family would be surprised to see and remember all the shared memories that these pictures contain.

It is much cooler here in California and looks that it may rain again. I guess that it is 150% above normal in rain content. It is so unusual to have rain in California in June. What is with this strange weather?

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