20 June 2005

we're back!

Well, we have finally made it home. Both Caden and I were surprised! Caden got a bunkbed!!

the bunkbed
And Paul picked out a new bed for us too. It is really nice, and beats the heck out of sleeping on the floor like we have been doing for the last few months.

our new bed

We are happy to be home. We got my Dad a George Foreman grill, which he has been wanting for a while. Paul worked on something gorgeous for his father, but we haven't shipped it yet, so it is top secret. Caden picked out a bear to make at that store where you build a bear. He named it bob. Bob says "I love you Daddy" in Caden's voice. This way, if we have to be apart again, Paul will have his very own bear to remind him of us. We went boating on the jet boat for a little while, but Caden had jet lag and was very grumpy. He lost his hat (we got it back) in the first few minutes and decided that he only wanted to go slow. That is not much fun in a jet boat. Maybe next time we will have more fun. We needed the rest anyway. After our nap, we did some yard work. We had a good Father's Day, I hope you did also.

the notorious B O B!!!

As I try to load the pictures I am finding that even our printer has changed. Our old printer would mysteriously shut off in the middle of a print, so apparently Paul got fed up with it. hmmm, now how to load the pictures....

While I try to figure out this newest dilema, I can tell you how much fun Caden had in California. Caden got even more close to Grandpa. They are two peas in a pod when it comes to eating. Grandma R. was able to come for a short visit and spoil Caden rotten. Auntie Cheryl got to come along too, she even brought a gift for Caden. He is so blessed with generous loved ones. We didn't get to see Grandpa R. or Uncle Allen even though we were only 13 miles away, they had to work work work. That was a big bummer for Caden. They will just have to travel out here and hang with us! We did get to visit with Christie and eat at Chevy's twice. (ours closed a year ago). Now I have had my fill of California and all the traffic and people in a big hurry. (Sorry for the stereotype, but it was generally how I felt when I visited, and I grew up there)

Caden is happily playing with his friend upstairs on his new bunkbed. He is so happy. He loves playing with all his toys at home, he has been stuck with a lowly suitcase of toys for two weeks. i think that it is good, though, he really appreciates his toys now. (for now I guess, I am sure that will not last that long) Grandma R. spoiled him with new toys and books for his leapfrog. Daddy also had a jeep toy waiting for him at home. Our child is so fortunate. (and so are we!)

oh, how I wish to adopt a pug soon!

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