06 June 2005

slow going

illustration by tania howells

I wish I were too busy to blog because I was riding my bike, but, alas, no. We are cleaning out my grandmother's remaining effects on this earth. Not fun. No treasures. Just junk. Sorry, but I just cannot believe how much trash one person can accumilate in a lifetime. I honestly through away about 15 half used tubes of fixodent. Now I know why I am such a neat freak. I use one thing and through it away when I am done, then get another. I just cannot fathom having 15 tubes of something laying around different places. Ah, Grandma, we love you, but you know you were a collector of all things trash.

Caden has been a very good boy. All except for random bouts of jumping on my grandmother's shitzus. hmmm 10 lb dog vs 50 lb bouncing kid....who wins...not the dog. The poor dog even nipped at Caden(I don't condone this nipping, but come on the kid has been told 100's of times to stay off the dog, at some point I think I would nip him too) and Caden just thinks it is a joke. Thank god the dog isn't a pit bull. Speaking of which, pit bulls have gone mad here in California...there have been like six attacks in 2 days, one sadly fatal. A twelve year old boy was mauled by two pitbulls in San francisco, so sad, so very sad. We know that we are not coming home with the shitzu's, that is for sure.

We miss everyone in Michigan and are looking forward to seeing everyone over here.


Mom said...

we miss you too

Anonymous said...

Ilove you both very much... miss u lots.