09 June 2005

digital nation

image by penelope dullaghan you can see more by her at http://www.penelopeillustration.com/journal.html, she is an extremely talented artist.

Well, I think my Dad is going to think twice about us coming out again. We were just out here about two months ago and his microwave and ice maker broke. Guess what?! They both broke again, the microwave broke right away, when we arrived. Now my Dad thinks that I am jinxed or have some sort of psychic (or psycho) power that I have yet to tap into. Last year, there would have been an explanation for it, as I still had a spinal cord stimulator implant and it would do things like turn on the vcr or zap me when I walked through a walmart entrance (not other stores though, walmart has their theft detectors turned up high) Oh, by the way, just in case your neuro has suggested a spinal cord stimulator, think twice about it. They have been around for decades and do help some people, but for people sensitive to implants (say like people with breast implants) your body can reject them and put you through months to years or even a lifetime of additional pain and suffering. Oops, I got on my bandwagon again! Well, I don't seem to have this effect on our appliances at home so I think it is just a very strange coincidence.

Paul is bored at home. Sounds like he will have the entire house sold soon if we don't come back. He has decided to have a yard sale and has sold our couches, car, bed frame, and who knows what else. Can't leave him home alone, huh. (just kidding!) Our couches are really nice, but are awkard in this house, a little large and not a good use of space, a sectional would be so much more comfortable and a much better use of space. We found one that is about the same price as our couches are worth. We may be coming home to a few surprises.

Caden is getting a bunkbed. Paul is doing a web page for a client in trade. Caden will be so surprised. It is white, so it will give me more incentive to re-finish the furniture to match. I have always wanted to update it, as it was my furniture growing up and has a little too many frills for Caden. He doesn't care yet, though, he is only four.

Well, I suppose I am done with rambling. We had our first sale this morning from an early garage sale client, $6.50, wow, all this work was worth a little I guess :)!!!


Anonymous said...

I have not sold everything in the house!!!!! Just the things we don't use or wanted to get rid of. I love and miss you both..

Pappa Bear

michelle said...

ha ha I was just kidding! You know that!