24 June 2005

They just got another pug at the rescue...Mia. She is so cute, one year old. Also five pups were born...

isn't she beautiful. I hope we are able to adopt her. We will see. We answered the final questions. I think they want us to have a fenced yard. I hope that does't stop it. We are outside people and have a leash hook that is safe for quick trips to the potty. Besides, she will be an indoor dog.

Well...I got my x-rays done for my fusion. I will get the results next week.

We are going to the water park tomorrow. I am very excited. This will be Caden's first time. It will be a nice hot day for it! Woohoo!

It is a hot one here, so so very nice to have AC. Not much else new...totalu!!

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