02 July 2005

Beautiful Breeze

this is an abstract pic of out resident dragon fly, taken through the window screen, isn't he cool. He sat there patiently while I clicked away, taking multiple shots, I thought the contrast between the screen and the bug was cool.

this is one of our finches that thinks he owns the feeder...that is until his girlfriend stops by...as you can see in the picture, she dive-bombed him and got him out of her way!

(she's the tan smudged, she was moving quick!)

In other news, we have been accepted to adopt a pug. We are waiting the right match. They have a litter of puppies, we may get one of those. We will see. The girls that I have previously listed have already been scheduled for home visits and may have already found homes. We will be patient, the right pup will come.

Today we perused the Art in the Park at Muskegon's Summer Celebration. It was nice, but very busy. Caden got a home-made set of finger puppets that an elderly gentleman had made. So far, a good start to a holiday weekend.

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